Calon Lân

Calon Lân condiments, chutneys and preserves are all handmade in small batches to traditional recipes in north Wales.  Our aim is create to the "homemade" eating experience for our customers.

Yet, we know that there are many fine producers out there, so what makes us totally different?

Having been guided by the latest research on merchandising, Calon Lân aims to create the impactful rainbow colour effect on your shelves that can boost sales between 10-20%. The range has been put together to maximise your selling space without unnecessary duplication.


We have also carried out extensive market research and trials for you.  Instead of offering a long list of options, each product range have 6 lines that have been proven to be a best selling combination.  We want to make the best use of your precious shelf-space, whilst also giving your customers a choice they'll be happy with.  There is now a Calon Lân for every eating occasion!

In 2017, we extended the Calon Lân range to include 4 new lines aimed for the catering sector.  We now sell Beetroot Chutney, Spicy Tomato Chutney, Onion Marmalade and Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam in large 2.75Kg/3Kg plastic pails.  They have proven a popular way to add value to menus and to make them stand out.