Blodyn Aur

Blodyn Aur (translated to 'Golden Flower') is the only Welsh Rapeseed Oil - Welsh grown, Welsh pressed and Welsh bottled! Launched in April 2010, Blodyn Aur is run by farmers and friends Llyr Jones, Bryn Jones and Medwyn Roberts. Together they have set-up a modern oil pressing facility on Llyr’s farm near the village of Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr near Corwen in north Wales.

Our customers enjoy Blodyn Aur because of its health benefits, taste and cooking versatility.  Blodyn Aur enhances flavour instead of dominating it, and adds a rich golden colour to food.

"We want to see a bottle of Blodyn Aur on every kitchen worktop in Wales."

If you are serious about local and adding provenance to your dishes, then Blodyn Aur should be on your radar as it's the only edible oil produced in Wales.  Like many of our customers, we also like to use olive oil now and again.  However, if we managed to get Welsh consumers to swap over half of their olive oil use to Blodyn Aur, we would create 10s of new jobs locally and retain tens of thousands of £s within the Welsh economy. 

Blodyn Aur benefits include:

  • Cold-pressed to protect and enhance the oil’s goodness and quality.
  • Rich in omega-3, vitamin E and with less than half the saturated fat of olive oil.
  • Pleasant aroma with a light nutty taste with no greasy aftertaste.
  • High smoking point makes it ideal for roasting, baking, pan-frying and stir-frying.
  • Good viscosity for cold dishes such as dressings and dips.








We are also proud of Blodyn Aur's green credentials.  Llyr's farm produce its own electricity from a micro wind turbine and a small hydro-electric unit powered by one of the farm's rivers.  It's this power that presses the locally grown seeds to produce Blodyn Aur oil.

We have 0% waste from the pressing as we feed all that's left over, usually called the rapemeal to local cattle.  It's a valuable feed for cattle as the cold-press technique means that the rapemeal has a much higher oil content compared to what's left from conventional solvent extracted rapeseed oil. 







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